Game Design
Below you can find some game design documents and try a couple games I've made.

Tactics David 2010 - Tactics David, title aside, is an expansive tactics based strategy board game. Players create their army from a selection of over 200 unique units, create their battlefield, and wage war against their opponents.
Superbia's Tank GDD - This game design document explores the concept of a game where the player customizes and swaps out tank parts to battle through levels and win the game.
Zepplin'ing - This is a game created in Flash. Players operate a rocket powered zeppelin and must collect as many floating sheep as they can before time runs out.
Invasion - This is a game created in Flash. Players shoot down aliens from their spaceship as they try to cross the vacuum of space.
Grower - Grower is a simple game created in Blitz Basic where players must avoid the "x's" and collect "food" which makes them also grow bigger at the same time.

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